Why should my childcare program join WVCCU?

In childcare it's easy to feel that no one understands the challenges of providing quality care. WVCCU wants to make sure that the resources and supports are in place to make all childcare programs successful.

We provide that support by providing opportunities to network with other childcare professionals who can relate to difficult situations. WVCCU also gives a voice to legislation that affects childcare centers, teachers and policy. We give you that voice through our lobbyist, Bill Perry. Bill represents our issues in Charleston. As directors of child care centers we can not stay on top of all of the issues that affect our business and the children in the state. Bill does that for us. He works with us to form our advocacy agenda and then he relates our concerns and wishes to legislatures. As a member of WVCCU you will be kept informed of changing regulations as well as pending legislation that could make the difference in your childcare program.

Many of our members belong to our email list, and receive information on a weekly basis from our Lobbyist about issues in the state legislature.

How can WVCCU afford a lobbyist ? Child care directors in a small state like West Virginia can afford a lobbyist because we have partnered with another group, West Virginia Association of Young Children,"WVAYC". WVAYC shares the same issues as we do. Collaborating with them has enabled us to be a greater voice for children in West Virginia. We feel that if a childcare program is to grow in quality then they must work with others in the early childhood education field.

Our members are directors of childcare centers and head start programs. They have large centers and very small centers. They are directors of for-profit centers and non-profit centers. Some are affiliated with businesses or colleges. We also have affiliate members who are individuals who believe in improving conditions in childcare.

WVCCU sponsors a Directors Conference every fall, "A Season for Growth". For 2 days directors from the state of West Virginia obtain training in issues pertinent to our jobs: training staff, working with parents, managing your center, etc. We also network with other directors and receive up to date information from state leaders.

WVCCU facilitates a workshop at "Celebrating Connections" with WVAYC. During this workshop our lobbyist informs us of issues in the legislature and actions that we can take.

WVCCU will give you support when you are facing difficult decisions relating to childcare such as expanding your hours, hiring quality staff or inclusion concerns. We believe our organization will have available members who will be able to address almost any question.

We believe being a member of WVCCU will provide you with many advantages. Some of those include:

  • Serving as an officer
  • Access to the password protected website
  • Furthering the mission of quality childcare in West Virginia
  • Networking with other childcare centers
  • Gaining information from talented individuals
  • Voting rights


Of course there is a small investment when joining WVCCU. Active members are required to pay annual dues.

  • Below 30 children $35
  • Between 30 and 50 children $50
  • Over 50 children $75
  • Affiliate member (non-voting) $30

How do I join?

Click "Become a Member" then download the membership application form.

If you have any questions, feel free to contact us by using the “Contact Us” link at the top of every page.